SparkTruck: A Maker Journey

SparkTruck is an educational build-mobile! Our mission is to spread the fun of hands-on learning to kids all across the USA, empowering teachers and students to find their creative potential.

The SparkTruck Movie
The short documentary, SparkTruck: A Maker Journey, tells the story of SparkTruck’s inaugural road trip across the United States in the summer of 2012. SparkTruck is a big red truck filled with cutting-edge maker tools, and it goes from school to school teaching kids about design thinking and hands-on learning. As the co-founders of the project Jason Chua and Eugene Korsunskiy travel across the country making little vibrating robots, creature-launchers, and laser-cut stamps with the kids; they discover how the act of making and building can teach kids that they can make a real impact in the world.

In the end, 15,323 miles, 33 states, and 2,673 students add up to a whole a lot of stories. Luckily, Didi – the designated documentarian of the team – was there to capture them all. Enjoy!