Making Spaces


Making Spaces: Expanding Maker Education Across the Nation is a partnership between Google, Maker Ed, and Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, which aims to develop a national strategy to sustainably integrate making into schools across the country. Making Spaces is designed to leverage the expertise of Regional Hubs across the country for expanding maker education through site-based crowdfunding campaigns and projects at Participating Schools and Organizations.

Albemarle County Public Schools was selected as a Regional Hub for the Making Spaces program in Fall 2016. As a Regional Hub, ACPS provides Participating Schools and Organizations with support to help jumpstart and sustain their maker education efforts. Regional Hub support includes professional development opportunities, community engagement strategies, and connections to our network of expert maker educators.

Participating Schools and Organizations

Building Makers at Falling Branch Elementary
Christiansburg, VA
Project Lead: Terri Vangelos

Falling Branch Elementary School is on the brink of much needed expansion and renovation. We are excited to be a part of the Making Spaces program during this time as we get to help design safe, engaging, innovative, and fresh places for our students to grow and learn! Our goals are to incorporate a collaborative maker space, nestled amongst our library/media space and the art room, and to build a culture of design thinking and hands-on learning within our school. A first step, while the major structural building is set to begin, is to acquire high and low tech materials and resources for our teachers and students. We plan to utilize funding, including the crowdfunding platform of Donors Choose, to help provide some of these key tools, including a 3-D printer, a weather station, Keva blocks, STEM kits, and more. The bigger picture, as our school building expands, is to encourage our students to build a maker mindset and our teachers to create opportunities to enhance learning, lesson engagement, and student achievement. We want our students to have the resources and spaces to be scientists, researchers, creators, and engineers, and our school can be their lab!

Cheltenham Elementary Makerspace at Cheltenham Elementary School
Cheltenham, PA
Project Lead: Gerald Aungst

A team of classroom teachers and specialists at Cheltenham ES is developing a makerspace around three major themes: Structures; Electronic Technology; and Sports. We hope to have a dedicated makerspace in the school as well as mobile maker carts to support all grades. This makerspace will also support district strategic plan goals and our project-based learning initiative.

Baker Butler Empathy and Design Spaces at Baker Butler Elementary School
Charlottesville, VA
Project Lead: Wendy Eckerle

Baker Butler is excited to open two new learning spaces for the 2017-2018 school year. The learning spaces are part of our school-wide design thinking process to encourage authentic problem solving through the lens of human-centered design and empathy. The two spaces will serve as sites for students to conduct empathy interviews, define problems worth solving, and ideate/brainstorm creative projects.

Design Engineering Camp at the Scottsville Volunteer Rescue Squad Community Room
Scottsville, VA
Project Lead: Gloria Rockhold

What do you want to make? This summer program will provide students with a two week opportunity to answer this question by producing an original product or social innovation that solves a current problem defined by the student. Students will work through a design process, build a prototype, and present in front of an authentic audience. This program will reach students in grades K-12 and provide a social and naturally collaborative environment for students to discover and learn through making, building, and inquiry. This program will live in the Scottsville Fire Rescue Squad Community Room.

Student-driven Design Firm at Murray High School
Charlottesville, VA
Project Leads: Dustin West and Andrew Sherogan

Students at our school exhibit boundless creativity to start projects, and our school is designed to support student-driven learning. Through Making Spaces, we are creating an initiative to support students as they design, make, and sell original creations (art, music, and more) to raise money for charity. Students will have the freedom to decide what product they would like to create. Then, they’ll learn the skills they need, research the target market, create their product, and then pitch or sell it to their audience. This student-driven high school program features 9-12th graders working collaboratively to learn how they learn best while discovering their own interests, talents, and passions. Ultimately, we believe this program is a fun and engaging opportunity for students to start something and give back to our community.