The Maker Approach


Our young makers and maker educators have been featured in numerous national media, journal, and local news articles. Check out what we’ve been up to!

Making Spaces

Albemarle County Public Schools was selected as a Regional Hub for the Google-funded Making Spaces Initiative. Learn more about our work!


A collection of articles, guides, communities, talks, books, and more to get you started making in the classroom today!


We believe learning how to learn trumps basic memorization and recall of facts. See the Lifelong-Learning Competencies to which we aspire for all children to master.

A Pathway to Lifelong Learning

We are committed to student construction of knowledge and skills through the processes of imagining, creating, designing, building, engineering, evaluating and communicating learning. We believe that it is essential that our students learn how to be Makers in all phases of their lives, rather than just consumers. We are committed to Making as how we learn, and not as an add-on or event, and we understand that both Learning to Make and Making to Learn are essential in every day classroom practice.

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We are an open source school district and happy to share what we're learning about making in schools.